A Glimpse into the Absurd

by The Voices

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"A Glimpse into the Absurd" is an EP following the debut album "Oneiric Anthem" (published by Masked Dead Records in 2017). With this work the style of the music can seem more serious (but there are some funny moments too), that's because in the first album there was that grotesque/parodistic style which is missing (or less present perhaps) in this new EP: in this work, instead, there's more space for ethnic/shamanic influences. But again, as I said, there are some funny moments too: for example the parody of the holy and wise man who talks about opening our mind; a parody that, as in the first album, can be viewed as a joke but also has some deep thoughts in it (or at least that was the purpose).
"A Glimpse into the Absurd" is a way to take a psychedelic peek at our own mind: the beast we have inside (our animal instincts); our mental wandering that takes us from the endless sands of the desert to the endless dark of the night, searching an oasis of life or the stars in the night sky, that is like searching for life in the void; finally giving a form to all our desires (of dreams perhaps...), thus finding our spiritual guide (or maybe the super-ego). Our mind has endless roads, endless ways and paths, moreover that dimension has no rules and is everchanging... so it's easy to find ourselves lost!
"A Glimpse into the Absurd" is about glimpsing something of this absurd dimension; is about listening some music you didn't know and didn't want to know.


released May 8, 2017

2017 - All music and most of the vocals by Paolo Ferrante.

Vocal guests: Claudio Cordiano and Ninni Curinga (tenors in track 1); Matteo Antonelli (scream in track 2); Ramona Gallizzi (contralto in track 3).

Lyrics and artwork by Paolo Ferrante, original paintings by Mariuccia Gallizioli.

Mixed and mastered at Eureka Studio.



all rights reserved


The Voices Italy

Experimental Avant-Garde A Cappella.

Paolo "The Voices" Ferrante

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Track Name: The Beast Inside

You must commune with the beast in your mind,
must understand what drives it to kill.

Chase the prey.
Smell its fear.
Taste the blood.

You will hunt in the skies
with neverending preys
to chase;
you will roam across forests
and many vast plains
to dominate.

Feel the beast that grows inside.

Fangs and claws.
Tear the flesh.
Taste the blood.
Track Name: A Glimpse into the Absurd

I can not understand while I
take a glimpse into the absurd;

everything has a different story
that your eyes will tell.

Here comes the impossible.
Track Name: Sap of the Oasis of Life

I am lost in the desert,
with nothing to eat
nor to drink.

I am lost in the desert,
sand at my feet,
sun above me.

The I see a mirage:
an oasis in the desert.

Come quench your thirst with my waters, traveler,
taste the sap of the oasis of life, not to die,
for your trip must go on.

Enter a new dimension of comprehension,
bathe in my waters and be reborn anew.
This is the sap of the oasis of life.
Track Name: La Notte si Accendono

Nubi di stelle la notte si accendono
ed ogni giorno si spengono.
Torneranno anche domani?
Io non lo so...

Where are the stars?
Who turned them off?
If I'll catch you I'll kick your ass
and make you turn them on one by one!

Expand your consciousness.
Find your inner cosmos.
Now, do you see the stars?
Those are your dreams,
you don't need to reach them to be happy,
you can't reach them all at once;
you just need their light, to guide you in the dark.

Bramo le stelle che notte si accendono
ed i miei sogni sostengono.
Torneranno anche domani?
Io non lo so...
Track Name: Spiritual Guide
You began this voyage
by traveling the stars,
now it's time to come back
and then explore your mind.

You will find something new
that you didn't know
and for this you will need
a spiritual guide.

Find your spiritual guide.
Find your inner self.

(You will be alone no more)
Well, perhaps giving a form to this inner part of our mind can help us figure out who we really are.
Imagine how many people will find out they're just assholes this way, saving you much precious time you would have spent to tell 'em one by one... useful indeed!
Now, coming back to the topic, are you fully aware of the kind of music you're listening to right now? C'mon! You ain't got nothing better to do? You just lost four minutes listening to this shit!