I'm Regret

by The Voices

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The Voices is a project in which I make an Experimental Avant-Garde A Cappella. You'll hear just voices, with many different techniques, creating something new and original. There are about 10 or more vocal tracks, mixed to create a polyrhythmic and polyphonic weird choir.

This music is very Avant-Garde oriented, as I mix many styles and often I really don’t care about genres or styles; it’s Experimental because there’s nothing like this elsewhere (and if there’s please let me know!); it’s A Cappella because everything is made only with my voice and maybe it’s also Metal because of the growl and scream parts.

This is a new song in which I'm adding and merging more extreme vocal styles. Just an example of what The Voices is becoming!


released November 5, 2016

Voices, music, lyrics, artwork, recording and mixing by Paolo Ferrante

e-mail: thevoices@email.it



all rights reserved


The Voices Italy

Experimental Avant-Garde A Cappella.

Paolo "The Voices" Ferrante

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Track Name: I'm Regret

Night, everytime I descend someone dies,
flames, wrapped around your house as you wake.

Fear, no one can save you now,
death, awaits you beneath the flames.

And there’s nothing you can do to save yourself,
and you’re in danger now.

I will erase every dream from your head
and will replace them with nightmares,
I will accompany you when awake,
with thoughts of death.

Fear me, I’m destruction!
Fear me, I’m regret!

You will explore every kind of depression
and will awake soaked with your sweat,
then your limbs will take fire and explode,
then you’ll get just death to explore.
Track Name: He Will Take My Place

I am evil inside your mind.

Other feelings I don't know
I just know hate,
I live to destroy
everything I hate.

There is someone inside my mind
and I am afraid he will take my place.