Oneiric Anthem (Day)

by The Voices

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Experimental Avant-Garde A Cappella.
"Day" is the first part of my first album, "Oneiric Anthem". This work is original even for the experimental/avant-garde scene itself: it's hard to describe my music because I don't follow a specific genre or style.

There are ten or more vocal lines, some for the rhythm, some for the melody; some are telling actual words while many others are doing just improvisation (like scat singing perhaps). This way I create a polyrhythmic and polyphonic, also is full of different vocal techniques (extreme and melodic ones, common and weird).

This music is very Avant-Garde oriented, as I mix many styles and often I really don’t care about genres or styles; it’s Experimental because there’s nothing like this elsewhere (and if there’s please let me know!); it’s A Cappella because everything is made only with my voice and maybe it’s also Metal because of the growl and scream parts (that in this album are rare).


released November 4, 2016

Music, recording, all the voices and lyrics by Paolo Ferrante



all rights reserved


The Voices Italy

Experimental Avant-Garde A Cappella.

Paolo "The Voices" Ferrante

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Track Name: (Lost) My Mind
I am trapped inside my mind
and I can understand nothing.
Everything is so strange
full of desires I never had.

Everything is a part of me
even those I don’t recognize;
there are plenty of contradictions,
I can see just madness.

Now I try to get free from my mind,
the result is that I’m free of mind.
I’m still trapped but at least I don’t mind.
There is nothing I can do for my mind
now I’m mad and at least I don’t mind.

Now I see things I didn’t see,
they just float over my head.
I’m sure I lost my reason:
I know less but I realize more.

With a spark of sanity I ask myself:
what does it mean to be insane?

Even if I’m mad
one thing I know:
there’s no one sane in this world
just look at them all
ruining their lives
chasing who is wrong.
Track Name: Impossible Dream
This is a strange dream
who defies reality,
a strange dream I am within.
Come with me!

Oh dream impossible dream
take away my wakeful sadness,
come here don’t leave me down
spread your wings and make me free again.

Come and dream with me
an impossible reality,
the brew of probability.
Drink with me!

Impossible dream, an impossible dream.

Oh my impossible dream
replace my normality,
the sad life I am within.
Relieve me!

A perpetual dream
to escape reality,
the killer of felicity.
Run with me!

Don’t wake me now,
don’t ruin my dream.
Don’t wake me now!
Track Name: Cosmoillogical Existence
In this moment of high confusion
I would rather be elsewhere,
I’m the center of my universe
and its stars are now colliding.

Many dreams now become reality
while reality becomes a dream;
now I have an astounding power
when my life explodes away.

I cannot understand the truth
in this universe of shiny lies,
I will not stop ‘til I see through
so I can see it with my own eyes.

In this cosmoillogical existence
I can find a place to live,
between explosions of insanity
burns the fire of my life.

I’m the void that fills the glass
when the last drops fall away
and I’m every possibility,
even those who cannot be.
Track Name: Distant, Unreachable
Scaling mountains of sorrow,
running after a dream
distant, unreachable and
far away, unattainable and
walking my field of thorns,
rending this old skin.

My sweet dream.
Will it realize?

Someone comes to me and takes my hand to guide me
out of this life to a beautiful reality.

Diving through the snow,
chasing the same dream that’s
distant, unreachable and
far away, unattainable and
I will never reach it and
I will never find peace.

Will it be now peace for me?
I am dying into the snow.
Track Name: Someone to Blame
I’m alone (you’re alone), no one to love.
I’m alone (you’re alone), in this world.

Will I ever find someone to…

I’m alone (you’re alone), no one to talk.
I’m alone (you’re alone), nobody cares.

Will we ever find someone to blame?

Who am I (are you) to understand?

You’re alone (how you dare?), I’m not surprised you ugly whale,
You’re alone (how you dare?), by back and front you are the same.

Don’t you understand we’re made to…

You’re alone (how you dare?), unworthy piece of smelly shit,
You’re alone (how you dare?), all you do is drink and eat.

Don’t you understand we’re made to blame each other
forever and ever,
until the end of times;
condemned to blame each other to the end.