Oneiric Anthem (Night)

by The Voices

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Experimental Avant-Garde A Cappella.
"Night" is the second part of my first album, "Oneiric Anthem". This work is original even for the experimental/avant-garde scene itself: it's hard to describe my music because I don't follow a specific genre or style.

There are ten or more vocal lines, some for the rhythm, some for the melody; some are telling actual words while many others are doing just improvisation (like scat singing perhaps). This way I create a polyrhythmic and polyphonic, also is full of different vocal techniques (extreme and melodic ones, common and weird).

This music is very Avant-Garde oriented, as I mix many styles and often I really don’t care about genres or styles; it’s Experimental because there’s nothing like this elsewhere (and if there’s please let me know!); it’s A Cappella because everything is made only with my voice and maybe it’s also Metal because of the growl and scream parts (that in this album are rare).


released November 4, 2016

Music, recording, all vocals and lyrics by Paolo Ferrante



all rights reserved


The Voices Italy

Experimental Avant-Garde A Cappella.

Paolo "The Voices" Ferrante

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Track Name: The Unicorn Nightmare
Black unicorns chasing me,
in the dark I cannot see.
Black unicorns with sharp teeth,
in the dark they can see me.

I must escape this damn forest
their red eyes are everywhere
and they want blood, my blood.

Red unicorns hunting me,
there’s no end to their greed.
Red unicorns with razor clogs
they trample on and mangle me.

I must escape their hungry fury
they won’t stop until I’m dead and
they’ll drink blood, my blood.

Will I escape the unicorn nightmare?
Will I survive the unicorn nightmare?
I know it’s just a dream this unicorn nightmare
but still I would rather avoid to die.

White unicorns are so sweet
so I kill them just for spite.
Now I burn horsy meat,
there’s no wonder they’re extinct.

Now I will take my revenge,
kill every last horse in this dream,
now I want blood, their blood.

This is how it ends the unicorn nightmare.
I was starting to enjoy the unicorn nightmare.
How many kills in this unicorn nightmare,
but now it’s time to wake up and go to work.
Track Name: Oneiric Anthem
I am here to tell a story that once happened in a dream
and the dream is
the mirror of reality, mirror of reality.

This is the oneiric anthem celebrating a dreamlike dimension
of everchanging freedom.

This is the oneiric anthem.

I will be forever safe while I’m living in this dream
as the dream is
my haven and sanctuary, haven and sanctuary.

Now dream in this shelter
that has been made
just for you;
now close your eyes, see
far away lands
become true.
Track Name: Lie
I’m alone in a place of utter darkness and I live again,
I’ve no name since in this plane of existence we don’t need any name.

I’m a voice that speaks only madness and I live again,
in your mind I found a place to reborn and I grow stronger everyday.

I’m alive, I’m a lie,
I’m alive and I’m a lie.

I’m the only candle in the darkness and I’m not alight,
if to see I’m bound to burn my life I prefer not to know.

That’s why I’m a lie:
I chose to be alive.
No matter if I’m false,
if truth does not exist.
I am here to tell my story
and you’re there listening.

I’m alone, the exception that proves the rule,
still I’m false, the extraordinary unexpected
that doesn’t change reality.
Track Name: The Bare Unbearable Bearings of a Bear
It’s night and I can’t see where I go,
it’s dark this forest, a path that I don’t know;
full of black trees that grim and I’m scared,
something’s hiding and will jump on me.

I’m a tiny little fawn
and I jump through the forest,
I don’t care what lies inside
the shadow of that tall dark tree.

Still I’m a tiny little fawn
and I see something strange:
the shadow that I’ve seen before
is a huge mass of black hair and teeth.

The bare unbearable bearings of a bear.

But this time I know it’s not a nightmare,
‘cause in my nightmares I see unicorns
and here there’s no trace of that
motherfuckers ‘cause I killed them all.

I see a dead little fawn
and that means I am safe,
the bear won’t mind if I pass
because his hunger now is quenched.

So his death increased the duration of my life
and that means life feeds on death,
as well death feeds on life,
on an endless cycle of atomic interactions
in which we can’t truly discern nor separate
one being from another and we are all part
of a system that changes, evolves.
What can be a life compared to a galaxy?
What can be a breath compared to an explosion of a star
that lives through millennia?
Our time in this world is limited and you
lost four minutes listening to this shit.